Villa Ad Astra

On the Beach

In the Sun

Swim in the Sea

or in the Pool

walk along the Beach

play some tennis

Relax under the Palm treas

Recharge the batteries

Design the day as you like


Welcome to our

Villa Ad Astra

a place for sun, sea, relaxation and recharging the batteries

Luxurious getaway
Villa Ad Astra is a a
luxurious getaway with outdoor pool and tennis court located 35 km south of Colombo, Sri Lanka

Relax and exercise
 Villa Ad Astra is a place where you can combine relaxing days with light exercise in the swimming pool, walk along the beach or  have a short tennis game.

Excellent service
Service from our nice staff , Chef/Butler, Maid and Cleaning Lady is available. Our Chef is excellent in preparing all possible dishes. Local as well as international dishes.  The closeness to Colombo and resorts along the beach makes it also possible and convenient to have dinner out.

Fully equipped
Internet connection and international TV makes it possible to stay in touch.  Well equipped and modern kitchen with all needed machinery. 

 In short, our place provides you with the possibility to design your days according to your desire. That was our idea from the very beginning and we believe we have made it possible. Interests from family, friends and friends to friends made us believe we should share our place wider. Through the site for owners,
, we have found it possible to reach out to the right tenants.


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